The reduction of methane emissions, a lever in the fight against climate change

The Veolia Institute  has been set up in 2001. Designed as an independent space for collective thinking, as a platform for discussion and debate, the Institute explores the future at the interface between society and the environment. It detects upcoming changes, seeking out a better understanding of the world of the future and a clearer picture of the environmental issues for the decades ahead.

In 2015, preparing COP21 , the Institute wanted to address more precisely the methane emissions issue . Methane is a strong short lived greenhouse gas, which warming potential is 28 times more important the CO2 one. Taking the opportunity of a conference it organized before the Paris Summit, the Institute gathered several experts to address the methane emissions issue and suggest priority areas to mitigate them.

 Dinah Louda, Executive Director of the Institute, shares the key messages of the conference .