Putting a price on CO2, the key to a low-carbon economy

For the “anti-CO2” solutions – energy efficiency, renewable energies and more widely, to foster a circular use of resources as alternative to fossil energies – to come into widespread use, it is vital to set a robust, predictable carbon price at a sufficient level, which means at least €30 or €40 per metric tons of CO2. And that means to take into account the cost of all external factors relating to carbon dioxide – as is already the case for wastewater and waste – by applying the two-fold principle that “the polluter pays” and “whoever cleans up receives help”

At the moment, as there is no carbon price that charges for the use of the atmosphere as a “greenhouse gas dump”, anyone and everyone is free to release as much CO2 as they like.

A robust and predictable carbon price is the prerequisite to encourage investments towards a low-carbon economy. 

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Carbon price