EpE: companies act for COP21

Protecting the environment is already a source of competitivenessand progress for the members of EpE, the partner of the WBCSD in FranceThat is the reason why these companies have already developed many effective "low carbon” solutions. EpE members are determined to share and promote their expertise and therefore expect much from COP21. Interview with Claire Tutenuit, Managing Director of Entreprises pour l'Environnement. 

Entreprises pour l'Environnement (EpE) brings together about forty large French and international companies. All consider the environment as a source of progress and opportunities. They work together in a positive dynamics through commissions, conferences and working groups. One of their objectives is to detect emerging issues and share scientific information and best environmental practices, relying on the relations and global expertise of each member. Of course, their commitment meets the increased pressure to lower greenhouse gas emissions; however, their investment for climate is also driven by their confidence that the implementation of low-carbon solutions is a source of opportunities and competitiveness as it reduces costs, secures supply and develops new markets, all through innovation. They now want genuine dialogue between the private and public sectors and smart policies so that their expertise and solutions can be massively implemented and used to ensure that the threshold of +2°C is respected while preserving economic growth and human development.


It was precisely to promote such dialogue that EpE co-organized the Business & Climate Summit in May 2015 with a number of partners. Two hundred international CEOs from all countries as well as many French and international policy-makers came to this unique forum at UNESCO (Paris) to discuss corporate solutions to fight against climate change and smart policies that governments are asked to undertake in order to accelerate their deployment.

Business & Climate Summit

Today, EpE members are mobilized and expect much of COP21. Firstly, of course, because these companies are composed of men and women who are concerned about the climate but above all, because it will be an opportunity for dialogue with public authorities whose policies are key to the implementation of already identified solutions and the research and development of new solutions. Therefore, EpE members hope that the discussions and negotiations in December will allow strong and concrete actions to be implemented because companies know that only such actions, including the introduction of carbon pricing on all emissions, will encourage consumers to change their lifestyle and orient investments towards a low-carbon economy. To protect the climate, collective and individual behaviours needs to profoundly change. Companies have the will and the means to contribute to it."