The current mobilization of all stakeholders (scientists, politicians, municipalities, associations / NGOs, citizens, companies...) on the crucial issue of climate change is unprecedented. Companies in particular have taken the measure of the climate challenge and outlined, each in their own area of expertise, strategies to help meet this challenge.

This context is a great opportunity to invent together a more responsible and less carbon-intensive economy, advocating for a new use of resources.

While COP 21 will be a decisive step towards a global agreement to rapidly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and contain the increase in temperatures within 2° C, we have to use the whole range of available solutions, but also increase our efforts in terms of innovation, and especially of cooperation.

None of the proposed solutions is sufficient alone. On the contrary, the remedy for our climate woes lies in the joint and coordinated action of all stakeholders.

Because we are convinced that the solutions to fight against climate change must be co-constructed and shared with all stakeholders, we decided to open up the dialogue and give them a voice through this blog.

Coming from different disciplines and from all sectors of society (experts, decision-makers, citizens...), each contributor will propose his or her vision and ambitions: a true diversity of perspectives in order to make the debate go forward and to take concrete action for the climate.