Climate, companies have a responsibility to develop the solutions

Climate is an issue that matters precisely for the sustainability of human activities: food, housing, mobility, health, recreation… An ambitious action plan must be deployed on a large scale, in a new alliance between the local authorities, the economy and the citizens.

 Economic growth can only be achieved by disconnecting its growth curve from that of carbon emissions. This can only lead to fundamental breakthroughs, that will challenge the main principles of late 20th century globalization, too much based on compulsive consumption and inequalities… It is necessary to parallel the necessary switch towards green growth with the development of the digital, that has transformed and will further transform the economy, including its models, its organization…


The issue of climate is at the same time a responsibility and a great opportunity. A responsibility, since every organization must reduce its environmental impacts and take into account its place within society amongst all its stakeholders. But it is also, for the company and the entrepreneurs, a rare opportunity to create value.

The COP21 Solutions/ Grand Palais scheme was initiated and is coordinated by the Comité 21 and the France Sustainable Development Club. It aims to show that mankind can continue to develop, and not in a world of restrictions and constraints. That is the whole spirit of the universal exhibitions of the early 20th century, that of a society that trustes a future and thrives for innovation.